Online reputation is exactly what you think it is, it’s your business reputation on the internet. The way online reputation is measured is through customer’s reviews and social media. Online reputation management uses methods such as local business listings, review management, social media, etc., to improve the reputation of your business online and increase your ranking in Google.

Online reputation management is a strategy that companies take on to track negative mentions of their company or products. Reputation management not only provides you with an inside track on feedback for your brand but it helps to ensure that you maintain a positive reputation online.

How to manage your online reputation?

business-listings-infoThere are a few aspects that are essential to having a good reputation. The first few have to do with your business listing. You want your business to be mentioned on multiple review sites and local directory sites. You want the contact information to be the same on each site. This already greatly increases the trust a customer will have in your company. So make sure that your listings are accurate and that they provide the right information.


manage-respond-reviewsThe aspect that seems to be most obvious is the sentiment of the online review management but also the frequency of them. Good reviews are caused by good services but there are different ways to improve this aspect as well. It’s important to respond to the negative reviews, and we don’t mean to dismiss them. Actually showing that you care even about customers with a negative experience will greatly enhance your online reputation. Check out this great video on how to respond to negative reviews and positive reviews.

The last thing to think about is your online presence. You work on this by interacting with customers and reviewers on all biggest social media networks as well as on the reference websites. Another measure to take is sharing positive reviews on your social media. This will show your soon-to-be customers that you are a company with many positive reviews. Posting regularly on your social media will also improve our online presence and therefore your online reputation.

Why is Online Reputation Management important?

Many individuals now trust online reviews and press about brands before they will even visit a company or purchase any of their products. Online reputation management becomes essential in ensuring a company keeps a positive profile online. Without a positive online reputation a company may not see the same amount of traffic or sales.

Most big companies have already mastered the art of online reputation management, they know its importance. But it’s time for smaller companies to realize that they need to get on board as well. In a time like this mouth-to-mouth advertisement is simply not going to cut it. A recent study showed that 88% of customers use online reviews to check the quality of a local business. So they do not hear it from the neighbors! This proves how vital online reputation is to the overall success of your small business.

And this also goes for companies with multiple locations. When you’re a local company with only one location you can somehow still get away with hanging posters in the neighborhood,  but this technique gets really tricky when you have multiple locations. Having a good online reputation is just way easier.

Another study showed that 86% of customers had negative online reviews influence their buying decision. I don’t know how I could make it any clearer. But let me say it one more time, a good online reputation is key to your company’s success!

I hope that I managed to convince you of the importance of online reputation management. Now is your chance to finally start working on your online reputation and get your company visible on the internet. So stop waiting and create that social media account or deal with those negative reviews!

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ORM in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing campaigns are fairly unique because a company can receive almost instant feedback on any of the content that they post online. Unlike print advertising or advertising through commercials a digital marketing effort is a great way to receive up-to-the-minute feedback and reviews of your company as well as opinions. In digital marketing online reputation management becomes crucial as you can get negative feedback instantly after posting a new campaign online.

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